RSN Fine White Work by Jenny Adin-Christie

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The book includes the history of the key techniques which have led to the development of this illustrative form of whitework. It discusses the selection of materials, threads and suitable equipment and how to prepare and apply designs to the fabric. Effective design in Fine Whitework is discussed in depth with plenty of inspiration from artworks produced by myself and my colleagues.

Whitework may not be everybody’s cup of tea, as it can be hard on the eyes and requires precision workmanship. However, all the techniques discussed are also relevant to many other forms of embroidery, such as silk work and crewel work. Learning how to perfect techniques in white-on-white is an invaluable way to develop general dexterity with the needle.

The book includes two key designs for readers to try. The first, ‘Scabiosa’, leads the embroiderer through from producing sample stitches to the skills required to combine them within an achievable design.