JC Embroidery, Buratto Filet Cushion

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The Buratto Filet Cushion gives the look of lace but is a sturdy hard-wearing item that will grace your living area but is also delightfully practical.

Worked on 18ct linen the pattern is woven back into areas of the prepared net using Pearl threads. The lustre of Pearl thread a beautiful contrast to the matt linen background.

The Buratto technique is great for those whose eyesight may not let them work counted embroidery on finer fabrics; You can still produce a lovely lace look and feel without the eyestrain.

The Buratto Filet Cushion comes with three pattern choices, and full instructions for the construction including the traditional folded hem, and attaching the cushion backing.

Comprehensive stitch diagrams and construction instructions are included.

14 pages, A5 booklet, photographs and pattern chart.