Why Use Vintage Paint?

Here at MYstyle NZ, we get pretty excited when we can stock NZ Made products!

Vintage Paint - Made in New Zealand, now that we love!       

That's not all to LOVE about this paint.

If you hate stripping furniture, then now you don't have to. With this Vintage Paint, you can paint over most existing paint or varnish without removing it first and there is no need to undercoat. This paint has undercoat properties built right into the formula. There's no need to waste time and money buying an additional product.

Vintage Paint will stick to most bare wood, pre-painted and pre-varnished surfaces.

If that isn't enough the quick drying time means you can start and finish a project in just one day! Here at MYstyle, we are all about the practical and we LOVE it when we can start and finish our revamps so timely, allowing us more time to start new ones.

Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint is designed to better withstand our busy lifestyles. It has a silky yet tough finish which makes it more resilient to general wear and tear. Once cured it is fully cleanable. We use a standard cream polish which we find gives it a nice finish but you can also wax if that's the look you want to achieve, it is so versatile.

This paint can be used both inside and outside your home. Creating a pop of colour in your garden or mixing and matching to balance that inside-outside flow.

Its application is so simple to use. Here are some pieces we have done here at MYstyle.


Colour really does influence your life, be brave and add some colour to your life. 

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