Give an old picture a new look!

Want a quick easy way to give and old framed picture or tapestry a new look.

1. Choose a paint Colour

             Design Tip:  try and pick a colour in the picture, use a colour that you want to be dominant. The colour you use on the frame will bring out that colour in the picture. I wanted to bring out the green so I have used our vintage paint - Guacomole, if I wanted to bring out the blue more I could have used the Duckegg blue.       

2. Give the frame a good clean. 

3. Use masking tape to edge the inside of the frame so you don't get paint on the glass.


4. Apply 2 coats, once dry peel off the tape. 

Voila you have a New Picture!

Look how brighter the picture looks just by painting the frame. 

Click here to see the vintage paint range

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